The Vineyard

The vineyards expand around the Venetian villa De Claricini, located in the municipality of Moimacco, on a plateau at 121 mt. above sea level, 1 km. from the town of Cividale del Friuli and 11 km. from the Slovenian border on the East. In the North, the rolling hills dominated by the Matajur peak, herald the Julian Alps.

The rows of the De Claricini vineyards face North-South and are placed at a distance of 270 cm. from each other. Each vine is 80 cm. apart. Only one shoot per vine is left after pruning. The bunches of grapes are grown at a height of around 100 cm. from the ground.
It all begins in the early spring warmth when vines awake from their winter torpor and, with a tear-like sap from their tender shoots, start a new life-cycle.
Shortly after, gems swell, the first leaves appear followed by baby grapes.
In summer, the shoots and the leaves expand and clusters of grapes grow. The green berries soon become “pepper corns”, then real fruit, which will colour towards the end of summer.

In early autumn grapes change colour: white berry grapes turn increasingly from green into golden yellow, while red berry grapes turn red-blue-violet. This is one of the most delicate stages of the production. It is important to check and wait for the right moment to start harvesting. Frequent checks are carried out in the vineyeards to ascertain the right grade of ripening through the colour of the bunches of grapes, through tasting the grapes, followed by an analytical evaluation based on a representative sample of the various cultivar.

The grapes harvest ritual takes place yearly. Only the best grapes are selected and harvested by hand with the utmost care and expertise.

Towards the end of November, when the vines have dropped their leaves and have entered a dormant phase, pruning begins. Shoots that have already borne fruit are cut to give way to new shoots, which will bear fruit the following year.

Pruning takes place over a long period of time and towards the end of winter, the new shoots are folded by hand and secured to the supporting steel wires. It is a traditional method that envisages the vine as one with its support, made up of poles and steel wires. This allows the plant to hold an upright position, thus exposing the grapes to the sun and the wind.

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